Artscream Truck

artscream summer

Art should be more accessible and inviting.  Enter the Artscream Truck!





Why Artscream?

The name pays homage to the truck’s former life as an ice cream truck.   We love ice cream trucks for the joy they bring to our neighborhoods, the treats, and childhood memories. Making art just as accessible as that neighborhood ice cream truck makes perfect sense.

Okay Okay, let’s go deeper. I place a whole art business inside an ice cream truck- the most unassuming and approachable space.  My interaction with audiences as a queer flamboyant ice cream truck driver, gallery owner, artist, and seller of my original paintings and sculptures, becomes obvious through interactions with guests. My storytelling informs the concept’s cross-country origins while the extravagant clothes, dance, and intonations add to the fun juicy-ness of the story. However, the story and performance gains seriousness when my passion for addressing social issues takes hold.   As a queer Latino entrepreneur, performer, and social practice artist who packages all aspects of those identities into this refurbished ice cream truck, I aim to address many issues in a fun and colorful way.  What better way than to draw you in, starting with the all too familiar sound of an ice cream truck!

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